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Navy Patches

Navy PatchesPriorService offers one of the widest selections of United States Navy patches on the Internet. Our selection includes a huge selection of Navy ship patches as well as patches for US Navy bases, air stations, aircraft, Seals, Seabees, Squadrons, as well as US Navy Veteran and Retiree patches. Our selection of Navy patches includes a large selection of Navy hat patches and a selection of large Navy back patches.

All of our patches carry our standard 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, all these items are usually shipped in 1-5 business days. Questions, please give us a call at 877-241-8611.
Our most popular US Navy patches are our Navy ship patches. PriorService offer a huge selection of ship patches that include patches for Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Submarines, Amphibious Ships and more. Our selection of Aircraft Carrier Patches is huge and many of these patches are offer in two different sizes. The patches we offer of Navy Submarines includes patches for nuclear powered submarines commissioned by the United States Navy.

PriorService’s selection includes a nice selection of Navy Aircraft patches and well as patches for Naval Air Stations. Our selection of Navy Squadron Patches is large and among our most popular Navy patches. PriorService also offer a nice selection of patches for US Navy Seals. It is no surprise that our most popular Seal Patch is that one worn by the brave men who killed Osama Bin Laden. Our Seal Team 6 Patch has always been popular but has been so popular we have had to work to keep in stock since 5-1-11.