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Navy Insignia

Navy InsigniaPriorService is proud to offer a huge selection of United States Navy Insignia. Our selection includes full size and miniature badges, collar and full size rank insignia, soft and hard shoulder boards, gold collar devices and more. All of our insignia which uses metal pins to affix to your uniform come with metal pins with metal pin backings. Depending of size, these insignia have either one or two pin mounting on the back. All of our US Navy insignia are made to US Navy specifications.

Our collection of US Navy insignia includes a large selection of US Navy Rank Insignia. Our selection of Navy enlisted rank insignia includes collar and hat badges. We offer both collar and hat insignia for Navy Petty Officer 1st Class through Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class. We also offer both size insignia for Navy Chief Petty Officer E-7 through Navy Master Chief Petty Officer E-9. For Navy officer insignia we offer both collar size and full size insignia. We offer both sizes for Navy Ensign through Rear Admiral.

PriorService also offer a huge selection of US Navy Badges. This insignia includes US Navy Seabees Combat Badge, US Navy Seals Trident, Submarine Dolphin Badge, Naval Aviator Badge, Naval Aircrew Badge, Surface Warfare Badge, UDT Badge, Combat Aircrew Badge and more. We offer many of these badges in both the enlisted and officer badges.

We also offer a nice selection of US Navy Gold Collar Devices. This selection includes Dental Collar Devices, Nurse Collar Devices, Supply Collar Devices, Aviation Ordnance Collar Devices, Electronic Technician Collar Device, Intelligence Technician Collar Device and more.